Monday, September 21, 2009

Current Project

My current project will address the bombardment of images and information that we experience through our relationship with new media and the Internet. My installation will involve the creation of an environment comprised of collages containing fragments of imagery appropriated from the Internet, then layered and abstracted. These collages will vary in sizes and shapes that relate to the scale of signage, banners and billboards. The banners will be hung in a web-like formation that separates viewers from one another as they maneuver the space. They will be connected to the floor, ceiling, and each other by grommets and bungee cords. These collages will be made on canvas using materials and processes such as airbrush, resin, stenciling, drawing, painting, collage, and latex. I will appropriate Internet imagery from web pages, YouTube, blogs, social networking sites such as Facebook and pictures from search engines such as Google image. These images will then be reconfigured, fragmented and placed within a physical space in order to study their function and how they are organized and distributed.  Interacting with this web of fragmented banner and signage will be projected animation. This animation will also be comprised of imagery appropriated from the Internet and then layered in final cut pro and after effects. The animation will be projected onto the banners and spring off of them into the surrounding environment between the signage and onto the viewers. Mounts on the ceiling and wall will hang the projectors. By combining and reconstructing visual culture, I intend for the viewer to re-examine their relationship to the images that they encounter in daily life. Through digital media, our experience of the image has been reinvented. The bombardment of imagery we experience on a daily basis has increased by our use of the Internet.  Bringing the ephemeral imagery that we experience into a physical space makes it less transient and therefore more open to critical examination allowing a building process that is intended to climax in a visual overload.

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